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Made with pride by the DeviantArt community



001) Full name?

Pálma Zita Szücs


002) Male/Female.

Female, as far as I know…


003) Were you named after anyone?

My mom and granny…


004) Does your name mean anything?

It means palm tree. xD


005) Nickname(s)?

Pálmi, Little Raven… Stockings (yeah, one of our PE teachers tends to call me Stockings) But I prefer Pálma.


006) What do you think you look like?

They say like one who escaped from a horror movie. Especially my look.


007) Date of birth?

28th of Decembre


008) Place of birth and current location?

Hungary. No, I won’t give you cordinates.


009) Nationality?

Hungarian, as far as I know…


010) Astrology sign?



011) Chinese astrology sign?

Wait, what? *searches for it* It says Ox. great.


012) Religion?



013) What's your favorite smell?

Well…. chocolate, mint, boiling milk and the smell of Dove soap.


014) Political Position?

I don’t care about politics.


015) What do you prefer to drink in the morning?

Milk, cocoa, water, tea…


016) Hair + eye color?

Dark blonde and light blue with some grey and yellow in the middle.


017) Do you look like anyone famous?

I have no idea… does a child Marko Hietala count? xD Yes, I’m a girl… No, I don’t have beard.


018) What do you look like?

Short girl with shaggy hair and black clothes, often with „death to the world” look.


019) Any unusual talents?

Unusual? You mean flying or something? Nope, I can sing and draw, but nothing unusual.


020) Righty, lefty, or ambidextrous?

You mean my hand? I’m right-handed but can write with left too.


021) Gay, straight, bi, or other?

Straight, as far as I know.


022) What do you do for a living?

I sometimes clean my room. SOMETIMES.


023) What do you do for fun?

Reading, writing, drawing, singing, practicing on my guitar, sewing, and almost anything on computer.


024) Materials to work with?

Pencils, pens, a keyboard (PC keyboard, not a synth), a guitar, sewing machine and sewing materials, and my voice.


025) What kind of materials would you like to work with?

Anything is okay.


026) Have you met your grandparents?

Sure. Most of them.


027) Boyfriend/Girlfriend?

Haven’t got one.


028) Crushes?

I’m not sure.


029) What celebrity would you date if you could?

Well… some nice, long haired finns :D


030) Current worries?

That I can’t learn programming in two years…


031) Favorite online guy/girl(s)?

Fiona, Luna, Lili and Ivett. Though I’ve met two of them in person too…


032) Favorite place to be?

In my room or in front of my computer, or anywhere with my friends. Well, that’s mostly in front of my computer.


033) Least favorite place to be?

Among lots of people.


034) Do you burn or tan?



035) Ever break a bone?



036) What is your favorite cereal?

Well… basically anything.


037) Person you cry with?

I don’t really cry when I have a companion.


038) Any sisters?

Yeah, two by blood, four by … by sisterness.


039) Any brothers?



040) Any pets?

Two dogs, a cat, a guineapig, spiders, fish.


041) An illness?

Acute hyperactivity... No, seriously I don’t.


042) A pager?

Like a cellphone for only texts? Nope. Stupidness.


043) A personal phone line?

I have a mobile phone if that counts...


044) A cell phone?



045) A visible birthmark?

Yep, lots of them. They’re not big though.


046) A pool or hot tub?

All the same. Water, water.


047) A car?

Nope. Bike.


048) Personality?

Unsocial, hyperactive, and has a sick kind of humour.


049) Driving?



050) Your clothing style?



051) Room?

A 9-11 square meters one, violet walls.


052) What’s missing?

Chocolate and my friends. They all live so far away.


053) School?



054) Bed?

I love it :3


055) Relationship with your parent(s)?

My dad’s okay. My mom’s... complicated. I usually get along fine with them.


056) Do you believe in yourself?

Sometimes yes, sometimes not.


057) Do you believe in love at first sight?




058) Consider yourself a good listener?



059) Have a future dream that you would like to share?

Being a programmer and writer and singer... yeah, I’d be busy xD


060) Get along with your parents?



061) Save your e-mail conversations?

It’s saved in gmail. I don’t save them to my computer.


062) Pray?

Every night before sleeping.


063) Believe in reincarnation?

I don’t know. Maybe.


064) Brush your teeth twice a day?

Once or twice, depends on how much time I have.


065) Like to talk on the phone?

Not really. Only with friends.


066) Like to eat?

It’s necessary


067) Like to exercise?

Kung-fu is good.


068) Like to watch sports?



069) Sing in the car?



070) What is a dream that you have all the time?

Like daydreaming? Lots of stuff.


071) Dream in color?



072) Do you have nightmares?



073) Sleep with a stuffed animal?

Pillows and plush sheets.


074) What's right next to you?

Foil sheets with paint drops, a ladder, a glass and some PC gadgets.


075) What's on your favorite mug?

Mug? Like a cup? Then a 0,5 l one.


076) What's on your mouse pad?

My... mouse?


077) Your favorite flavor of gum?



078) Your brand of deodorant?

Dove or Nivea.


079) Your dream honeymoon spot?

Finland :3


080) Your dream husband/wife?

I haven’t meet him yet.


081) What's hiding in your closet?

Clothes, Jonsu and a dead german soldier.


082) Under your bed?



083) The name of one of your closest/best friends?

Fio, Lili, Luna and Ivett.


084) Your bad time of the day?



085) Your worst fear(s)?

I have no idea...


086) What's the weather like?

Nice, warm autumn, now I guess a storm’s coming.


087) Your favorite time of year?



088) Your favorite holiday?



089) A material weakness?

Material weakness? My connective tissue is weak, so I don’t have too strong muscles. But nothing special.


090) The weirdest food or drink that you like?

Well... I don’t know. Lots of black olives and this potatoe candy.


091) At the top of your "to do list"?

Reading and programming.


092) The hardest thing about growing up?

Losing free time.


093) A pet peeve?

Being among people for a longer time.


094) Your scariest moment?

When I realize I’ve forgotten something.


095) Your attitude about love?

It seems to be impossible... I mean, two people choose each other, when there are 4 billion other... Thats 1 to 8billion.


096) The funniest or most desperate thing you've done?

Having a tea in the town with my friends... dressed as a goth, a princess and Sansa Stark.


097) The worst feeling in the world?



098) The best feeling in the world?



099) Who sent this to you?

:iconevanescentoceans: ^^


100) 5 people to send this test too?

:iconrysati: :iconanachreon: :iconanaklusmoshun:

  • Listening to: The music in my head
  • Reading: Percy Jackson
  • Watching: NCIS
  • Eating: Olives
  • Drinking: Tea


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